Danes are Content People

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Have you ever wondered why the Danes are considered as the happiest people on earth? And then you move on to wondering why you don’t seem to be happy with what you have right now. You have a the career that you want, a happy family to be with in your nice little home, you’ve got insurance and a bit of savings, what else could you be missing?

The answer to all your questions is pretty simple. Danes do not have Great Expectations and that is the secret to the happy little lives that they have. This is one of the most popular suggested answers as to why Danes are considered the happiest of all the people in the world. Because they expect less, they are able to enjoy more what life has to offer.

They wake up to rain and they dress up for it only to deal with a warmer weather in the afternoon. And yet you will not hear them complain about it. Instead, they laugh it off saying that they have chosen to wear the wrong set of clothes for the weather. It is not the world’s fault that they get to travel home sweating because they’re wearing too many layers of clothes. Danes simply focus on getting themselves home and getting ready for bed.

Because yet again, Danes think that tomorrow is another day to give it a try. This lack of expectation and entitlement makes Danes see more of the positive aspect of having a job and keeping it, living with a satisfying social life and so many other reasons to make themselves feel happy. Also, this kind of perspective in life saves them from a lot of possible disappointments.


And yet, it is not about expecting less, really. Perhaps this positive disposition of Danes is reliant on the idea that they keep mere realistic expectations. They do not overthink and over expect. They just keep their ideals to what is really possible and that makes all the difference.   

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