Why Is Denmark The BEST Country To Live In?

Is it about the beautiful culture that the country has to offer or the beautiful people? It is often a wonder why a lot of people want to go to Denmark. When you ask travellers, they couldn’t really say if it is about the great food or the culture or the shops. All they knew was that the Denmark experience is worth it.

Here are a few facts about Denmark that might just convince you to take that trip to Denmark too:


  • Local food specialties will bring you to Denmark. It might even make you consider moving there. From the local bakeries to the top restaurants in the country, Denmark has got a lot of unique dishes to offer. Although they might not be as popular as those of the American Cuisine, you might find them appealing to your pallet.

  • Clean and Green. These are the two reasons why a lot of travellers want to come back to Denmark as often as their budget allows them. Because more than 50% of the travellers in Denmark use bicycle, they’ve got relative cleaner air than any other country in the world.

  • The Hyge makes all the difference. There is no English counterpart for this term and the closest that you could get is “coziness.” The cooler temperature and the cleaner air in the country make Denmark the country to love. The candlelight inspires more people to hyge and that is all that they need to feel comfort.

  • The weather in Denmark is what makes it a must-go-to country. Although it has become popular for the rainy days, it is mostly cold all year long. In fact, Danish people are known for the saying that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. This positive perspective about change in temperature makes Danish people thrive the weather in the country.   

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