Danish Artist Spotlight: HuskMitNavn

All at once amiable, subversive, and tongue-in-cheek, the art of HuskMitNavn is unmistakeable as it is unforgettable. If yopu’ve been around Copenhagen, Brussels, and Århus, there’s a good chance you may have seen his work. They’ve either graced streetside walls in all their pastel and eye-popping colors and cartoonish roundness and gloss, or you may even have sat beside one of his installations on a bench in a park, or perhaps on a sofa in a coffee shop.

HuskMitNavn is Danish for “RememberMyName”, and as a child, he confesses that he wanted to become a butcher when he grew up. In time, his fascination in the art world took him away from the sharp glistening cleavers that had once piqued his interest. He now has been doing art full time for ten years, and counting. However, with the razor-sharp wit and cheeky humor in his art, these commentaries on society and everyday life perhaps still have that glistening sharpness he dreamed of in his younger years.

Not all of HuskMitNavn’s art is street art. He once said in an interview how it annoys him that people call everything he does “street art”, when it is not the case. He has also exhibited some of his pieces in indoor galleries, and every now and then creates cartoons for newspapers. However, he has learned to live with this minor annoyance, and keeps making art.

Just like the notorious Banksy, HuskMitNavn is careful not to reveal his face in interviews. However, if you ever happen to bump into someone in a jersey with a large cartoonish mask and hand covers, wave hi or give him a high-five. You may have just bumped into the elusive street artist himself.

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