How to make your own Gaekkebrev

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In our last post, we put the spotlight on Danish Easter season celebrations. On its more charming traditions is making gaekkebrev to give to family members and loved ones. Gaekkebrev are paper-cut notes with elaborate designs and motifs. The sender writes an anonymous witty note within addressed to someone, with the letters of his or her name replaced with a dot each. If the recipient can guess the sender’s name correctly, he or she wins a chocolate egg.


Gaekkebrev are quite fun and easy to make. Just follow these simple steps to try it yourself!


1)      Take a piece of paper in any color. Ideally with an area where your witty note will be readable. First, fold the piece of paper in half crosswise, then lengthwise. If you can further fold the piece of paper in half into a triangle shape, do so.

2)      Take your cutting tools, and start cutting out patterns or designs either on the edges, or on the paper surface itself. You can use a simple pair of scissors and cut out shapes on the folded edges to make mirror images of the shapes, or use a craft knife and cut intricate shapes on the paper surface. If you have decorative paper punchers, now is also a good time to break them out. Have fun and experiment with your patterns, and be careful with your sharp tools.

3)      Once you are satisfied with your paper cutting, unfold your paper to reveal your masterpiece.

4)      Next, start writing down your witty teaser note. It can be a funny or a sweet note, or even a love confession. If you can make the note rhyme, all the better. Sign your note by drawing dots for each letter of your name.


You can now give your gaekkebrev in secret by placing it somewhere your recipient will definitely find it. Have fun!


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