Danish Burger Marks 60th Year

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Burgers are everybody’s favorite. They’re affordable and yummy with ketchup or mayonnaise plus tomatoes and lettuce. They are well loved by both the young and old people anywhere in the world.

But if think that only the burgers of those popular international restaurant chains are the best tasting, you’re not exactly right. Denmark has its very own burger sandwich to be proud of. In fact, the country’s original burger is already celebrating its 60th year and is still growing strong.

The first Danish made ground beef patty sandwiched in between two pieces of bread turns 60 years old this week. It was six decades ago when Denmark’s original burger was first served to the public. Thanks to the Pettersons family, this Nordic country can take pride in its very own hamburger that can match or even surpass the taste of those made by the more popular international restaurant chains.

The Pettersons are well known as the first family of hamburgers. The family owns the “Oscars Bof Bar” situated in Kalmpenborg specifically at the Bakken funfair. The bar first opened in 1949 and was the first to serve what was known then as only “beef sandwiches.”

The cost of the Oscars Bof Bar burger then was 1 kroner which was rather expensive as it was almost thrice the average hourly wage at that time. But even then, the beef sandwich became a huge success.

Despite the existence of other burger chains in Denmark such as the Burger King which set up shop in 1977 and McDonald’s which arrived in 1981, Oscars Bof Bar continues to operate successfully with its own set of valued customers who have followed the tradition of the Pettersons.

Burgers, just like diamonds, are meant to last forever. People will definitely crave for it wherever they go. With or without the cheese, this beef sandwich is seen to remain an all time favorite anywhere in the world.

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