Danish Movie Gets Top Prize

Denmark just conquered America. Not in the field of science nor in information technology. The recent triumph achieved by the country is in the field of entertainment, specifically in movie making.

The Gold Camera was the top prize received by “The Blue Denmark,” a Danish made movie during the American U.S. International Film & Video Festival. The movie was named as the world’s best in the Meeting Presentation Productions category. The winning film is actually a feature aimed at marketing Denmark as a major international shipping country. The movie focused on the maritime sector particularly its shipping firms, ships, offshore and authorities in the industry and the cooperation that exists between the major players to make Denmark a leading country when it comes to shipping.

Citizen Dane, a movie producer in Denmark, is behind the film’s production. The company is part of an international network composed of 50 countries. Three in-house Citizen Dane staff directed the movie namely Marcus Mandal (director known for his documentaries and editorial chief), Jan Heidebo and Uffe Bryld. Filming of “The Blue Denmark” took place mainly in the United States, Singapore and China. Funding was shouldered by Europe’s Maritime Development Center, the Danish Shipping Association, the Danish Maritime Authority and the Danish Maritime Foundation.

A unique feature of the movie DVD is that it has a built in film box. With this feature, any user is given the ability to make his own movie from the original film feature. They can use the parts in their presentations using either PowerPoint or PDF in top DVD quality.

The Gold Camera prize is already the film’s second award. “The Blue Denmark” early this year also got a Telly Award in the Corporate Image category during the 30th Annual Telly Awards in the U.S.

These achievements only prove that Danish films are indeed world class.

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