Danish Trains and Cars in Tandem for First Time

Here’s more good news for travelers to Denmark. Going around the country by land will soon be made more convenient. You know why? Because for the first time ever, trains and cars will be linked to enable visitors as well as local residents to experience a hassle-free and continous travel.

The idea here is to allow train passengers to ride on a car right after their arrival at their destination. For this reason, DSB which is the Denmark’s public train operator is calling for more electric cars in Denmark’s major urban centers. DSB has actually inked a deal with Better Place, a company that is targeting to introduce an electric car infrastructure in the entire Denmark. The same organization is partnering with DSB to provide electric cars for rent at train stations. And that’s not all because with this project, renting the eco friendly cars will be made cheaper compared to getting the regular cars.

What’s also great about this concept is the convenience assured to travelers. It is because when people purchase their tickets online, they can book a car to rent at the same time. In this way, they just pick the car they’ve reserved earlier upon arrival at their final destination. Through this arrangement, DSB officials are hopeful their regular 50 million passengers each will go up by two million more.

Initially, this project will be launched in 2010 at the Hoje Taastrup station in the western part of Copenhagen and in Jutland’s Skadenborg station. For a start, 10 electric cars will be provided at each station and once this program picks up, it will be expanded in other areas.

Major players are enthusiastic over this historical deal achieving a partnership between trains and cars for the first time. It’s sad, though, that not all people agree to this plan notably the car companies who are threatened by stiff competition when the project starts.

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