Danish Wind Power: Showing a Glimpse of the Possibilities

There is not one place in the world where the positive possibilities of wind power is stronger than in Denmark. The country has been blessed with abundant wind supply which makes what it does quite natural. The Danish government is also highly supportive in the efforts to bring up to 50% the percentage of electricity coming from wind energy now placed at 30%.

Since the 1970s, Denmark has been at the forefront of developing commercial wind power. This is made possible by the extent of offshore wind resources available within the territory of the country. Because of its connection with other European countries through transmission lines, it can choose to purchase additional power from neighboring countries when necessary or to supply these neighbors with wind power.

Wind power offers a way to attain a sustainable future which is precisely what Denmark hopes to achieve by 2020. It can be said that Denmark succeeded in an area where most other countries failed. Denmark likewise continues to work on having more nearshore wind farms to improve the present capacity. A good number of wind turbine cooperatives has been established to encourage investment in wind power.

Danish manufacturers including Vestas and Siemens Wind Power provide at least 90% of wind turbines used around the world. Obviously, stopping wind power study is not an option. Wind Power is an area wherein Denmark leads as it shows the world a glimpse of the promising possibilities of renewable energy coming from the wind. Wind power is now also being used to charge electric vehicles.

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