The Danish Youth on Family Issues

Based on a survey conducted by the Council of Europe/ European Commission, there are some interesting conclusions that can be obtained about the attitude of Danish youth on family issues. There are very strong messages that pertain to marriage, family, and children’s qualities. While some appear to agree with each other in principle, there are points that seemingly conflict with each other.

Quite a big percentage of respondents agree that faithfulness is very important in having a successful marriage. Another view that garnered a resounding approval is the need to talk about problems in marriage. A very interesting point of view that got a very small percentage of approval is the proposition that marriage is outdated. 

Majority of the Danish youth who participated in this survey sees family as very important to have in life. There is also a thinking that married couples feel much fulfilled as man or woman when they have children, with the percentage slightly higher in women. It is a bit conflicting though when the same survey shows that majority of the same respondents approve of abortion for unmarried women. The considerable percentage who approves of having children among live-in partners should likewise be considered.

As to children’s qualities, independence, good manners, and respect for parents are considered highly desirable. These results would show that the Danish youth still believe in the sanctity of marriage and the good qualities of children. However, some existing views show that they have gone as well with the times especially in the matters of living-in and having children.




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