The ReSound LiNX:Taking Out the Stigma from Hearing Aids

The use of hearing aids has a certain stigma attached to it obviously because of what its use is for. An interesting proposition arises when Apple Inc. takes notice of a hearing aid made by GN Store Nord. An outstanding product results when two giants in their respective industries decide to collaborate on a “made-for-iPhone-hearing-aid-device”. The device known as the ReSound LiNX uses bluetooth-like technology on an  iPhone to stream voice communications and music to those wearing it also aa a hearing aid wiithout use of any intermediary device.

GN Store Nord is the fourth largest hearing aid maker in the world. It is located in Ballerup, near Copenhagen. The expertise of Denmark in sound technology cannot be questioned. The long history is traced back to 1904 when Hans Demant founded the William Demant Holding Group. Today, it is the second largest hearing aid maker in the world through Oticon,coming after Switzerland’s Sonova. Demant’s wife was hearing impaired which should explain his great interest in producing the best product.

With the high percentage of hearing impaired people all over the world, this product is expected to be very useful. There is also an intention to market this product not only as a hearing aid but also as a lifestyle product. By making the product more attractive, it hopes to remove the stigma from using hearing aids.

The 2.4 GHz Technology used in GN’s hearing aid devices was the specific  factor that caught the attention of Apple. It allowed the use of the hearing aid for days without frequent battery change. It also provided a cosmetic advantage by eliminating the need for a separate transmitter that will most probably find itself hanging on necks when not removed.   



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