Denmark And London City Airport : Easier Connection

Connection Between Denmark And London City Airport Much Easier Now


Traveling from Billund in Denmark and London City Airport has been made much easier by British Airways who has collaborated with Sun-Air to make it a reality. Flights will run twice-daily Monday through Friday and there also will be one departure on Sunday as well. London City’s small size is something that Denmark residents will love as this means they should be in and out in less time, which is always important when you travel.

No body likes standing in long lines and with this new way to travel to London hopefully that will just be an afterthought.


The location of the airport in the Docklands will also appeal to business travelers as well as it is close to commercial and financial districts.  This will be a great way for Denmark’s residents to have another option to travel to the heart of London. With Sun-Air having twice-daily flights this should fit into anybody’s schedule and even a flight on Sunday.


London is a very vast and beautiful city and being able to visit more often is something many Denmark residents have been hoping for. I am sure that once people see how well this is working out other companies will soon want a piece of the action as well. As other companies join in the results could be more carriers and lower fares for the residents of Denmark. Therefore, in the end it is a w9in-win situation for all parties that are involved in this. 

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