The Index Award of Denmark: Recognizing Designs that Improve Life

The Index Award which is given biennially, is an offshoot of the works of a non-profit organization called Index that seeks to promote designs that improve quality of life. It is commendable that the products of this initiative is not only meant for local consumption in Denmark but also to serve the needs of other countries, whether developed or developing. This initiative does not come as a surprise since Danish design has long been recognized around the world for its simplicity and functionality.

Under the patronage of the Crown Prince of Denmark, the organization was established in 2002. The Index Award is financed by Denmark, offering what could be the largest monetary award in design. The awarding event is considered a high-profile activity, much awaited and attracting visitors from all over since projects from any part of the world can be nominated.

The organization and the award is based on the concept of “Design to Improve Life”. The prestigious design award does not only seek to find the most beautiful designs but also designs that are meant to address everyday challenges of life. In essence, the winning entry will not only have to have a design that is pleasing to the eye but also one that can help people lead quality lives.

There are actually six categories for the award namely Body Category, Home Category, Work Category, Play Category, Community Category, and the People’s Choice Award. What started as a design event to promote Denmark and its products have now become a showcase of globally useful products. Events like this encourage tourism and investment and Denmark is clearly harvesting the positive results of taking the initiative.

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