Cancer Patients in Denmark Face Better Odds

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Cancer patients in Denmark and other countries that spend more on healthcare have better odds of fighting the disease and surviving.

A study conducted by the Breast European Adjuvant Studies Team, headed by Dr. Felipe Ades, “show that higher expenditure in health is correlated to better cancer outcomes.” The study, which used data from EU member countries, revealed a clear divide between the Western European countries and Eastern European ones when it comes to healthcare spending and cancer survival rates.

Denmark nationals will be happy to know that they should rest easy knowing that of the countries in Western Europe they are among the top healthcare spenders with more than 11% of the country’s GDP going to healthcare. This is very important because every thousand dollar spent per capita has a significant effect in mortality rates. In fact, “countries spending less than $2000 per capita in healthcare” have a 60% mortality rate for cancer patients, while “those spending between $2500 to $3500” have a lower figure at around 40% and 50%. The few countries that spend $4000 and more on healthcare enjoy an even better outlook with “less than 40% of the patients” dying after diagnosis. And in case you don’t know, Denmark’s health expenditure per capita is currently at $4,467.

Of course, cancer is still a very insidious disease and is a hard thing to beat, but at least in Denmark and other countries with “health-oriented” governments, patients get to have a better chance.

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