Savoring Authentic Danish Flavors: Exploring Denmark’s Top Restaurants

Frederikshøj restaurant
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Denmark boasts a vibrant gastronomy scene, with Michelin-starred restaurants scattered across the country. This article is a valuable resource for those eager to experience both contemporary and traditional Scandinavian cuisine. It also appeals to gastronomy enthusiasts looking to indulge in a more sophisticated array of flavors.

Denmark Top Restaurants

The Best Restaurants in Denmark

Let's start with what is the most iconic Danish food. A few years ago, the Danish people were given the chance to vote for their national dish. And it comes as no surprise that the winning recipe, a classic pork dish called ‘stent flæsk med persillesovs', has been a favorite among Danes for centuries. This dish consists of crispy pork served with parsley sauce and potatoes. It's a delectable and timeless option that can be enjoyed in numerous restaurants across Denmark. The best part? It's not only delicious but also budget-friendly, with some places even offering unlimited pork at affordable prices if you're a fan. Almost all Danish food places offer this dish.

#1 noma

What is the No. 1 restaurant in the world in Denmark? Noma, the renowned restaurant, is widely recognized as a beacon of the New Nordic cuisine. It has earned the prestigious title of the world's best restaurant five times and achieved a well-deserved third star in 2021. Additionally, Rene Redzepi, the esteemed co-owner and chef, was honored with the Best Mentor Chef award.

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#2 Sushi Nørregade

Sushi aficionados know how challenging it can be to find an authentic Japanese eatery that serves their beloved delicacy, especially while traveling. Sushi Nørregade, situated in the heart of the city center just a short stroll away from Nørreport station, is one such place. Though the restaurant's exterior and interior decor might not be extravagant, the delectable cuisine and attentive waitstaff will surely brighten your day.

#3 Geranium

Denmark's Geranium made history as the first restaurant in the country to earn three Michelin stars. Additionally, it claimed the top spot on the World's 50 Best Restaurants list. Renowned chef Rasmus Kofoed, crowned the world's best in 2011, leads this prestigious establishment.

#4 Mortens Kro

Mortens Kro, also known as “Mortens Inn” in English, has made a mark on Denmark's gastronomy scene for two decades. It stands as one of Aalborg's top-rated restaurants, offering an extensive menu featuring both Scandinavian and international dishes. Chef and owner Morten Nielsen crafts each dish with premium ingredients, ensuring an exceptional dining experience. Explore their impressive collection of French wines and champagnes to complete your visit.

#5 Amass

Matthew Orlando founded Amass, a unique establishment that excels in offering top-notch food, style, and ambiance. The restaurant, located on the harbor front in Copenhagen, presents visitors with inventive and impromptu dishes like pollock with dark lime and burnt birch. The spacious and modern setting boasts high ceilings, graffiti-painted walls, and expansive windows that overlook the old docks. Occasionally, the staff ignites a bonfire in the private garden to create a relaxing atmosphere for diners. Amass encompasses authenticity and reasonable prices while showcasing a contemporary and urban dining experience with a focus on modern Danish cuisine.

#6 Bæst

Christian Puglisi, the chef at Relæ, has returned to his Italian roots with this restaurant. They prepare the burrata and charcuterie in-house and cook their pizza in a Neapolitan oven. They also make their mozzarella to use on the pizzas. This is a unique dining experience that cannot be found in any other restaurants in Copenhagen, Denmark. The restaurant combines the best Danish, local, organic, and sustainable ingredients with Italian techniques. It also hosts Christmas and New Year events for you and your loved ones to enjoy during the holiday season in Denmark.

#7 Pasfall

The Pasfall restaurant in Denmark has won the hearts of locals with its incredible menu and cozy atmosphere. It has also earned a place in the Michelin Guide 2017, along with numerous other achievements in Thomas Pasfall's career. Notably awarded “The Chef of The Year” in 2000, Thomas Pasfall, the chef and owner of this gourmet eatery, crafts elegant dishes by meticulously considering and matching every detail in his ingredients. Don't miss the opportunity to savor authentic Scandinavian cuisine at this remarkable establishment!

#8 Frederikshøj

Frederikshøj restaurant

Restaurant Frederikshøj, led by the renowned celebrity chef Wassim Hallal, secured its second star in 2022. The restaurant's exceptional standing in Danish gastronomy earned Hallal not only accolades but also Michelin's Chef Mentor Award.


If you want to visit not just a good, but the best restaurant, you will find it here. They are located in different locations, but each offers a unique gastronomic experience. Many of them are highly rated with Michelin stars.

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