Emelie de Forest Wins Eurovision 2013 for Denmark

On May 18, singer-songwriter Emmelie Charlotte-Victoria de Forest won the Eurovision 2013 final with her hit single. “Only Teardrops”. At the young age of 20, this youngblood burst onto the music scene and has won over a continent with her clear, bright voice and natural aesthetic. The song and her profromance garnered a whopping score of 281 points, flying far ahead of Azerbaijan in second place with a total score of 234.


The song “Only Teardrops” zoomed up to the top of the charts with its radio debut, holding a steady Number Two position before fluctuating in the next few weeks. The song did exceedingly well not only in its home country, but also in the United Kingdom, barely four hours before the cutoff point for the chart.


The song was penned and composed by Lise Cabble, a singer-composer. Cabble was the front singer of the rock band Miss B. Haven from 1986 to 1997. Cabble is no stranger to Eurovision – in 1995, the song “Fra Mols Ti Skagen”, penned by Lise Cabble and with music composed by Miss b. Haven’s drummer Matte Matheisen and herself, was performed by aud Wilken for the Eurovision Song Contest that year.


True to her name, Emmelie de Forest is a child of the quiet glades and woods. She remarked in an interview that she feels it is important for her to feel grounded and centered whenever she performs. “I’ve never really liked singing while wearing high heels or any kind of shoes,” she says. “Being barefoot makes me feel connected to the ground, and it makes me feel more relaxed.”


Congratulations, Emmelie! You do Denmark proud!


photo credit: Comrade Foot via photopin cc

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