Whatever Happened to Aqua?


Aqua may be well the most successful Danish band in the world. Bursting onto the international music scene with their bubblegum-dance-pop single “Barbie Girl”, their timing was just right to keep the dance music vibe of the late 90’s and the early 200’s going. LeneNystrøm and René Di sang while Søren Rasted and Claus Norreen accompanied with their respective keyboard and guitar.


Aqua continued to create singles that held comfortable spots in the top of the charts, such as “Doctor Jones”, “Roses Are Red”, My Oh My”, and “Cartoon Heroes”. A winning mix of upbeat, infectious dance beats, quirky lyrics, and colorful and campy music videos turned Aqua into a household name all over the world. Not even a lawsuit from Mattel, suing them for “damaging” the reputation of the brand with their single “Barbie Girl, was enough to bring this group down. Their debut album “Acquarium” came out in 1997 and sold 14 million copies worldwide. This was followed by the album “Acquarius”, which was the last album the band released before their sudden split in 2001.


2001 was a fateful year for the group, as problems and difference began to make themselves more apparent. Lene and Rene, who had dated at the start of their career as a band, were now having problems, and by the tail end of the band’s later career, Lene and Soren became an item. It was also reported that Rene felt frustrated that his role in “Acquarius” was getting smaller, and that the rest of the band were beginning to have their own artistic differences. All four members had allegedly agreed to part and go their own ways over dinner, as it was “the best thing to do”.


However, in 2007, Aqua promised a world tour, signaling their reunion and a new album looming in the distance, by 2011, the band had released their third album, “Megalomania”, with a markedly more rock sound.



photo credit: laubarnes via photopin cc

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