Explore Denmark’s Faarup Sommerland

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Family entertainment is one of the main attractions of Denmark. That’s why if you’re bringing your family to this Scandinavian country, you will never get enough of the kind of entertainment you’re looking for. From zoos to beaches and amusement parks, Denmark has so much to offer.

You’ve already heard about Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens and the Legoland in Billund. But there’s still another spot you need to add to your itinerary and this is the Faarup Sommerland. This place is situated in the center of Denmark in North Jutland specifically between the areas of Blokhus and Loekken.

For one whole day, your entire family will have an unforgettable experience in Faarup Sommerland. Perhaps, one day is not even enough to enjoy the activities you can do there.

This huge amusement park is divided into three main sections – the family, action and aquapark. The Family area features a 4D cinema, bumper boats, canoes, the playground and the spider. The Action section has several rides as well such as the Colorado River, Falken, Miner-Express and Wet Racer. Finally, the Aquapark features the Cyclon, Wild River, Surf Hill and Wave Pool.

Just so you know, the Falken is the largest wooden switchback in Denmark and is the Danish version of the roller coaster. This is where you’ll get to experience an ultimate thrilling ride with top speed of up to 75 kilometers per hour, some spinning and a flight of 13 meters high. Don’t leave the park without trying this or you will only regret later.

Families that love to take a dip in the water should try the Wave Pool. This large pool is open to everybody, young and old alike. It simulates the waves of the real sea but this is safer and more enjoyable to be in together with your family.

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