Facts About Denmark You Must Know

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Denmark is a country made of a number of islands. This is the reason why the country is made up of a lot of majestic bridges that connect one island to the other. According to a research conducted by OECD, Danes are known to be very content people. Who wouldn’t be when they have such a high standard of living.

Land Area and Population

Denmark is an island nation that measures about 43,000 square kilometres. It has a peninsula named Jutland and about 474 small and big islands. There are roughly 5.5 million people living in New Zealand and more than half of this number is immigrants.

The Capital

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark. The capital is located in Zealand, one of the largest islands in Denmark. Roughly 1.5 million people live in Copenhagen. It is also the city that is considered the center of trade in the entire country. All the top shopping destinations I the country are located in Copenhagen.

The Language

About 80% of the total population of Denmark use English as their communicative language. Although the official language of Denmark is Danish, English is still greatly used because of their great desire to accommodate those who come to Denmark for travel and leisure and shopping, most especially. A great number of Danes can also speak German fluently.


Kroner is the term used to refer to the currency of Denmark. If you come to Denmark for shopping, you may bring US Dollars with you and it would be very easy to find shops where you can trade it for Kroner. The value of the Danish DKK is must smaller than that of the US Dollar, but as still as valuable as it is.



There is no strict religious practices in Demark. Evangelical Lutheran is the most popular religious affiliation in Denmark that more than half of its population are members of this church.  

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