Travelling To Denmark: Do I Need A Visa?

Before booking that trip to Denmark, make sure that you already have a short stay visa. This visa allows you to come to Denmark and stay there for not more than 90 days. This visa is only valid within 180 days upon issuance. It must be used when travelling to Denmark or any Schengen country for that matter.

However, if you plan to work or study in Denmark or stay there for more than 90 days, you must apply for the residence permit. Please take note that if you are applying for both the resident permit and the visa to Denmark at the same time, you are likely to get disapproval for your visa application.

And yet, if you have already received a residence or re-entry permit from any of the Schengen countries, you no longer have to apply for any Demark visa to be able to enter the country. The visa issuance is for the sole purpose of travelling to Denmark and enjoying its wonder. It does not allow you to stay there to work.

The employment permit in Denmark is a whole different story. And so is the student visa. If you have any plans of studying in Denmark, then it is best to prepare your application for a student visa beforehand. Getting this type of visa before you apply for any university in Denmark would only strengthen your chances of getting in.

Where do you submit the requirements for application of the Danish visa? Remember to only submit it to authorized Danish mission office in the country where you currently reside. Consulates and embassies abroad may also provide you with legal help on how to attain the Danish Visa.


Before travelling to Denmark, make sure you already have that visa approved and ready. Not only are you saving yourself from all the trouble, but it will ensure your safe entry into this country of leisure and the arts.  

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