Family Forestry in Denmark

Family forestry has long been an important undertaking in Nordic countries. This is especially so in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. In Denmark. most long-time family forest owners are farmers and have owned their properties for generations. In contrast, the new owners are usually people living in cities who look at their owned forests primarily for recreational purposes such as hunting.

It is a common intention of many family forestry owners to pass on their properties to their children and the generations to come. To do this, there is much concern in preserving, if not improving their nature and production values. It is of note that most family forests are located in the most productive lands thereby resulting to their great contribution to timber supply. It can be said that family forestry in Denmark then was considered a lucrative business but the recent years have been showing a downside trend, particularly for those who have no alternative income.

The Danish Forest Act aims to conserve and protect Danish forests. This includes not only family forests but also those that are publicly owned and government-owned. Attention however cannot be deviated from family forests because of their contribution to the industry thus the need to protect them more. 

The Danish Forest Association seeks to promote the interest of forest owners, whether it is political or professional in nature. In one research conducted about Nordic forestry, firewood processing and safety was a common concern among countries except for Denmark where Christmas Tree production comes out as a higher priority. Another major concern is the economics of self-employment which is a reality in the family forestry set-up. 


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