Egeskov Slot in Denmark

Egeskov Castle, Holckenhavn Slot & Nyborg Slot [All Info]

Fyn, the Danish island, is connected by bridges to Jutland and Zealand. It is in this area where Odense, the birthplace of famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen is located. Unaware to some of you, Funen is home to Denmark’s most impressive palaces or slots as they call them in Danish. There are more than 100 castles and manor houses here and around 30 of them are open to the public. […]


The ReSound LiNX:Taking Out the Stigma from Hearing Aids

The use of hearing aids has a certain stigma attached to it obviously because of what its use is for. An interesting proposition arises when Apple Inc. takes notice of a hearing aid made by GN Store Nord. An outstanding product results when two giants in their respective industries decide to collaborate on a “made-for-iPhone-hearing-aid-device”. The device known as the ReSound LiNX uses bluetooth-like technology on an  iPhone to stream voice communications and music to those wearing it also aa a hearing aid wiithout use of any intermediary device. […]

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Win Two iPads With!

If you are in Denmark (or the rest of Europe, for that matter), your chances to get an iPad before the end of May are pretty slim. Apple unfortunately just announced a further shipping delay of the iPad, pushing it out until the end of May at the earliest.
Good that there is We got three iPads under our posession, and we are going to give two of them to you! […]