Going Veg in Copenhagen

One of the common misconceptions about Denmark is the difficulty in finding a good restaurant that serves vegetarian fare. While it is true that Denmark is not really a veggie-loving nation with most national dishes better suited for “omnivores”, there are actually plenty of places to that serve pretty good vegetarian food in Copenhagen. So don’t believe articles stating that “Vegetarian visitors to Denmark tend to rely on curry houses and Turkish kebab shops that offer falafels, tabbouleh and salad-filled pittas.”, because if you just do your research ahead of time, you’ll find Copenhagen to be a pretty veggie-friendly place.

If you’re wondering where to head to, don’t worry because here’s a short list of “raw bars” and popular restaurants that serve (some or all) vegetarian dishes.

42 Raw – The first ever raw bar in the city, this is one place that serves great salads. They’re sticklers for preparation, ensuring that everything they serve are not heated above 42 degrees, giving you the freshest and most-vitamin packed salad you can possibly get in town.

BioMio – Organic is the buzzword in this restaurant, with ALL ingredients used in this place being organic. One of the best things about BioMio is that they’re also very flexible, and are very open to special requests from customers. You can be sure that if you have any special dietary considerations, this is one restaurant that will be willing to cater to your needs.

Dortheavej 61 Kokken – This is one place you won’t find in restaurant lists because it isn’t one! Instead it is an innovative kitchen that opens up once a week, every Thursday, at the youth house called Ungdomshuset. Meals are mostly organic vegan and super affordable. Just make sure that you bring cash with you because they don’t accept credit cards.

FireFly Garden – If you’re looking for vegan, and not just vegetarian food, then this is the place to go. Everything here is fresh and organic, with even their cocktails served made from organic ingredients! This restaurant can get pretty pricey though, so this is one place you should bring your credit card.

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