Emmelie de Forest’s Tour Postponed Indefinitely

Emmelie de Forest’s win in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest has turned her into a household name in Denmark, which is why fans are surely disappointed over the postponement of her tour in Germany and Denmark.

The tour, which was set to start next month in October, has been cancelled indefinitely with Emmelie posting the announcement on her Facebook page. She did not say when the tour would push through, but her post (written below) does indicate that she is still preparing for it.

“It is with my deepest regret that I have postpone my tour in Germany and Denmark. I was really looking forward to getting out and perform for all of you! I had to make this decision, as I am a perfectionist and whatever I do, it has to be done 100%. With my very hectic schedule at the moment, it is impossible for me to do that. I hope for your understanding and look forward to performing for you as soon as possible. Lots of LOVE from E”

In the meantime, Emmelie still keeps busy making appearances, recording new tracks, and learning more about her craft in writing camps. With such a demanding schedule, there is no telling if the tour is even possible this year. If not though, Danish fans will just have to wait for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest where she must surely make an appearance next year. Till then, if you’re a fan, you can just follow her on Facebook to make sure you’re updated when she does make the decision to go on tour.

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