Horseback Riding in Denmark

You’ve got the bike to take you to places while in Denmark. You get to go from one shop to another, visit parks and trying out new restaurants every day. And yet despite being able to do all these with your bike, there seems to be something else you are missing out on. Perhaps all you need is to try horseback riding in Denmark. That’s right! Horseback riding in Denmark is all that you need.

You’ve got no horse? That’s not a problem when you’re in Denmark. There are various equestrian centers around Denmark where you can get a horse rented out and enjoy the ride into the sunset. However, if you are a newbie in horseback riding but you are eager to learn, then there are riding schools around Denmark too. You can learn the basics needed to get yourself up a horse and riding it all afternoon.

What’s great about these centers is that they offer board and lodging services too. You can stay there for a week, enjoy all the back rides in horses and enjoy the many beautiful natural wonders that Denmark has to offer.


And yet you wonder how much this activity would cost you. A week long horseback riding holiday in Denmark can cost you roughly 3,000 but this cost already includes the board and lodging and everything else in between. For the experience and the sites, the figures are definitely worth it. So, will horseback riding be included in your next weekend in Denmark? It definitely should be!

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