Recreational Fishing in Denmark: A Must Try!

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If it is peace and quiet that you are looking for, then fishing is the activity that you should definitely try. Denmark is known to have the best angling waters in Europe. Since everything is within traveling distance, you are assured that there is a lake nearby where you can spend the afternoon fishing. Whether it’s a rushing stream or an open sea or perhaps a little pond, fishing in Denmark is definitely a must-try!

How much does it cost to go fishing in Denmark? Nothing. As long as you have a fishing license, you are free to go fishing in the coastal waters of Denmark. In smaller streams or lake, you must obtain license or at least a fishing permit from the owner of the land or a state license if it is located in a public place. There are a lot of inland waters too where you could go fishing. Most of these inland bodies of water are privately owned so all you need is the permission from the owner and you can go ahead and enjoy a nice quiet morning fishing.

However, if you plan to go on a recreational fishing trip in Denmark, you may sign up for local angling fishing societies. They usually rent up the whole place and spend the afternoon together, just fishing. Not only will this be much cheaper, but it would be more fun. Perhaps it may even be a rich learning experience for you, knowing you can get a tip or two from other ones who have years of experience in recreational fishing.


Is leisure fishing something you’d like to do? It definitely is a must try especially when the coastal waters of Denmark are just waiting for you to discover its wonders.  

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