Matador – The Measure of All Danish TV Dramas

Since the 1970s, TV Dramas have had the attention of the Danish audience. One in particular has been used as the standard of drama series – Matador. Thus, it was common for new drama series to be touted as the “New Matador” as they are shown. However, not one has yet come up to the challenge of displacing it from its honored place in television entertainment.

Matador was a TV series produced by the Danish Broadcasting Corporation which was formerly known as Danmarks Radio. It was shown between 1978 and 1981. It was directed by Erik Balling, a Danish filmmaker. 

The popular TV series is set in the fictional Danish Town named as Korsbæk. Its success is highly attributed to its successful mix of melodrama and humor. The story focuses on the rivalry between families of two businessmen. In contemporary Danish parlance, “Matador” would usually refer to a business tycoon. 

This TV series was so successful that it got to enjoy repeated reruns, the first of which came out in 1984-85. The last rerun was shown in 2012-2013. If popularity is measured by the status of its viewers, then Matador can be proud to say that it was regularly viewed by Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark.

Many foreigners wanting to learn more about Danish culture got important insight through the TV series. The Danes’ love for coffee and newspaper was quite evident in the many scenes of the show. If it is not able to depict Danish history in its truest form, viewers can take consolation in the offered version as provided by a TV series accepted by the Danes as they get entertained. 



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