How Far Has Sustainability Efforts Gone in Denmark?

The Danish people are especially known for their commitment to green living. This does not come as a surprise at all considering the focused energy policy of the government. At present, Denmark is an acknowledged world leader in renewable energy technology. Copenhagen is especially known for being one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. Aside from these widely known facts about the country’s green efforts, there are many other efforts of the same nature simultaneously happening all over the country. So we ask, how far has sustainability efforts gone in Denmark? 

One of the more notable areas that the Danish government has been paying close attention to is the possibility of building or renovating homes that are truly energy efficient. This is especially significant since one of the reasons many green solutions fail to take off is the cost. It is much more costly to provide solutions to an energy-inefficient home than it is to build one that is energy-efficient in itself.

Commercial buildings consume high amounts of energy wherever they are located. In Denmark however, building or renovating structures is focused on saving energy as it is seen as the most sustainable way of going about it. Denmark is determined to be fully independent of fossil fuels by the year 2050.

Attention to insulation, heating, ventilation and lighting is highly recommended for those intending to build or renovate structures in the country. So we ask again, how far has sustainability efforts gone in Denmark? Quite far really, considering the extreme difficulty in carrying out major lifestyle changes that green living entails. It is a good thing that the government and the people are working towards the same goal.


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