Kjeldsens Butter Cookies: a Denmark Original

Whenever we bite into a butter cookie, it is almost impossible not to think of Denmark. One of the reasons for this is the mark made by its famous Kjeldsens Butter Cookies. Now producing other cookie variants as well, Kjeldsens continues it history of exceptional baking craftsmanship that started in 1933.

Behind this famous cookie brand is the love story of Marinus and Anna Kjeldsen. In a small Danish village of Jutland in Denmark,the couple worked together to bring these wonderful cookies first into neighboring villages and eventualy the world. The daughter of a baker, Anna made the most delicious cookies while Marinus sold these cookies. Their venture was so successful that they were able to open their first comercial bakery after some time.

Now more than 80 years in existence, Kjeldsens products, headed by the Kjeldsens Butter Cookies continue to be the one of the most saleable and known products originally from Denmark.  Its taste has not changed because of its continued use of fresh butter as well as other natural ingredients in production. It is of special interest to know that cookies typically symbolize success, health, and prosperity in Denmark.

Buyers of these cookies will notice the words “By Appointment to the Royal Danish Court” printed on each tin. This is because Kjeldsens Butter Cookies was appointed as purveyor or supplier to the Danish Court in 2009. The golden crown on its logo represents the products’ enviable status made possible by its recognized authenticity and quality. The next time you bite into a butter cookie, you might take a while to remember Kjeldsens and sample it the next time around for authentic Danish taste.  

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