How To Make Friends In Denmark

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It’s your first day in Denmark and you’re not sure if you are going to make any friends. Probably everybody who has travelled to Denmark has got the same hesitations. Knowing that Denmark is only a small country that everyone seems to know everybody else will give you a sense of comfort. Whether you are travelling to see the sights or are planning to look into relocation in Denmark for work or for study, it would be best to know that you can find friends in Denmark.

So how does one make friends in Denmark when everyone else seems to have all the friends they could ever need? Here are a few tips to help you out:


  • Danes may seem like a little reserved in the beginning, but they are very friendly. All it needs is for you to try to break the silence. Make the first move by saying Hi. That might just do the trick.
  • Always try to look a little bit more approachable. Most Danes are too shy to say the first greeting, but when they feel that you are friendly, then they would most like be more open to making friends with you.
  • Danes are very sensitive about their privacy. Be careful of the questions that you ask. Show a bit more respect of their privacy and they would look likely the same.
  • If you are travelling as a tourist, it would be best if you get to know more about the people you are interacting with. They might be new acquaintances, but they can be you friends in the long run too.
  • Host a dinner and invite your new acquaintances. Make sure to invite them in advance. Don’t worry! Danes are very good about keeping their promises. They will make sure that they could come.



With these tips in mind, you are set to find a new set of Danish friends.  

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