Discovering Life in Copenhagen

How do you survive living in Copenhagen? Pretty simple – live like the Danes do. Looking back a thousand years ago, Copenhagen started as a small city with a very young bunch of residents. Despite it being a very young city, it has kept its rich cultural history intact.

From museums to theatres, Copenhagen embraces arts and culture in all forms. In fact, because it has become a home to the rich culture of the Danes, a well-known organization has declared this city as one of the most livable cities in world. The plus is that you can go around the city on foot or riding your bicycle safely on bicycle lanes.

If you are visiting Copenhagen during summer, you can enjoy the waterfront and the many parks so you can relax and unwind. If you are looking at going on a vacation, then perhaps you should include Copenhagen in your short list. This city is a must-visit because it offers a perfect balance of modern and traditional.

Although it is the city considered to be the shopping capital of those living around Denmark for the high end shops that is housed in its malls, it has kept its natural environment as it is. So if you are looking for a getaway from the hectic city life, there are a lot of parks and camping sites around Copenhagen where you can spend hot summer days and cold winter nights. You can spend them with family and friends. You can also use the time to explore nature.

But you have to remember that most shops in Copenhagen require cash purchases and other transactions. Although there may be shops that accept American credit cards, it is still best to bring cash with you.


There might be other cities in your list, but Copenhagen will always be one of the cities that is waiting for you.  

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