Summer Getaways in Denmark

Summer is the best time to visit Denmark and meet all the Danes that you can. Not only is it a great time to roam around the country and visit the best tourist spots, but because it is the best time to soak yourself up in the Danish culture. If you liked what you saw on Facebook or Instagram, then you better pack up your things and get moving.

If it’s your first time to visit Denmark, here are the top spots that you should try. These are unique different that promises to provide you with an experience you will never forget.

  • The Danish Riviera

The north of Denmark where its capital city, Copenhagen, is located is also named the Danish Riviera because of the long coastline and fabulous exclusive areas which seem to have that holiday atmosphere all year round. If you are adventurous by heart, then the Danish Riviera is the perfect place to be.

  • The Land of Light

North Jutland Coast has been popularly called the Land of Light because of the light. It has attracted lot of artists over the centuries. From the quaint seaside villages to the rustic sand dunes, you can see all of these on this side of Denmark. This particular tourist attraction includes the small town of Skagen, the buried light house at Rubjerg as well as the famous city of Aalborg.

  • Fairy Tale Home

Hans Christian Anderson, the man behind the Little Mermaid, is very fond of Copenhagen and Denmark in general. Castles, manor houses and public gardens are undeniably beautiful in Funen, where this famous writer was born. Egeskov Castle is one of the highlights of this place. Funen is very close to Copenhagen.


Summer is almost here. Time to pack your bags and head to Denmark!

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