How to Have a Successful Date in Denmark

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If you think that Danish women are insanely beautiful and desire to date one when you go on a trip to Denmark, you need to be aware of exactly what, when, and how to do everything to get the perfect date.

If you wish to have a successful date, there are several pieces of information you must recognize so that you don’t accidentally blow it and can’t score a second date.

First, YOU NEED to GET a Date

Before everything else, the first step is to get a date. If you are not Danish, then you must find a way to meet a Danish beauty, and that way is to join dating websites. If you’ve decided to settle down in Denmark and move there, you can go to dating websites for serious, long-term, committed relationships.

However, nowadays, there is a wide variety of different dating platforms, whether local or international. It’s hard to make a choice, so this choice would be beneficial to you. In this case, taking a look at top-tier casual sites for dating would be a good first step to be taken. There you can easily compare the features and benefits you get, in addition to subscription plans analysis, which would make you well informed about what service would suit you.

Using an online dating website is very straightforward. You make an account, start building your profile, adding photos, writing personals, and then see who you match with. You can set your preferences to only show you Danish women, and if they approve of you, you can start chatting.

On most dating websites, you can speak to potential dates in English, but it wouldn’t hurt if you knew Danish and even had conversation starters tailored to her country, like the top 10 secret places for a date in Denmark.

After hitting it off and planning your trip, here are the ideas to recall to have a great first date.

Danes Love Alcohol

If you plan a meeting at a bar, you’ll be scoring points as Danes get super sociable when they are out drinking. They are not the warmest and most talkative with strangers, but when they start drinking, they loosen up and become a lot more friendly. Keep in mind that Danish alcohol is strong and that she’s had a lot of practice, so if you’re not careful, she might drink you under the table.

It’s Normal for Both Men and Women to Make the 1st Move

While in many places around the world men are the ones to approach women and initiate conversation, in Denmark, it’s different. It’s not out of the ordinary for women to make the first move, online or offline. So don’t feel threatened, hurt, or undervalued if she initiates an outing.

They Are Not Into Fancy Dinner Dates

Women from Denmark crave something creative and innovative. They don’t appreciate sitting at a table for long periods of time with nothing to talk about and having to give a lot of money for a mediocre date.

Your date might prefer a walk, a picnic or a concert instead of eating out in a place you read has amazing dishes.

successful date denmark

Go Dutch on the bill

If you were brought up to pay the bill when you take a woman out, you shouldn’t do this on a date with a Danish woman. People here are used to going Dutch on the bill, and everyone pays his part and doesn’t owe the other anything.

Some women would still prefer that you at least offer to pay, so to skip the awkward interaction before you get to know one another better and recognize what to do, there is a simple idea.

Take her to a bar and offer to buy the first round of beer. If she offers to pay for the second round, then you know she prefers going Dutch. If she doesn’t, she either won’t stick around for a second or would prefer you paid.

Expect Frankness and Learn to Be Frank

Danes are well-known for being very direct. The good part is that you will always know where you stand with them and what’s on their minds. You’ll know if she likes you and she won’t play games. But the disadvantage is that you will also know if she doesn’t appreciate you and will not hesitate to answer questions even when you don’t actually desire to know the truth.

If you’re not used to being direct, you’ll have a hard time in the beginning, but you must return the favor and act the same way. Don’t be rude, but be frank, and don’t beat around the bush.


Dating a Danish woman you’ve met on an online dating website isn’t hard, but it is different. Prepare yourself before asking her out and learn how to behave to have better chances of scoring a second date. And don’t worry, if she likes you, you will know.

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