Mamma Mafia – A Crazy Christmas Cabaret

If you’re in search of a cabaret style of musical performance that can make you feel light hearted afterwards, you can experience this right in Denmark during this Christmas season. You don’t even have to travel far to New York City for this.

In the Danish capital of Copenhagen, a Crazy Christmas Cabaret show takes place every year. It runs from Monday to Friday until January 9, 2010. For this year 2009, the show is specifically entitled “Mamma Mafia” featuring blonde and long-legged performer Vivienne McKee. The setting is New York in the late 1920s while the story revolves around the things mobsters do. So expect to hear some of the lines you’ve probably heard from several famous gangster films such as The Godfather and The Sopranos.

Mamma MafiaThis Crazy Christmas presentation originated from pantomime, a well known English form of entertainment for the holiday season. It’s a unique show with a blend of slapstick, innuendo and audience participation that is sure to captivate audience attention from start to finish. The audience will also get to hear popular songs with re-written lyrics. It is this distinct format that has made the Crazy Christmas Cabaret a hit with pensioners from the suburbs of Copenhagen as well as with the international audience.

For the Copenhagen show, main start Vivienne McKee made sure to inject references to Danish culture and politics through gags and the so-called Danglish wordplays. This is vital in sparking the interest of the local audience. For instance, some of the names of the characters in the show are a spoof of the real actors’ name such as Capuccino for Al Pacino and Al Caprawn for Al Capone.

Apart from the gags, the spectators of this unique cabaret show will see great dance moves unlike in the previous years. See the mobsters do their own version of Abba’s “Money, Money, Money, ” a striptease segment and some famous moves of the late pop icon Michael Jackson.

This Crazy Christmas Cabaret is a must-see show so be sure to grab your tickets soon.

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