Mons Klint

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It has been a favorite subject of many landscape painters and photographers and one of the most popular outdoor attractions in Europe. The white chalk cliffs of Mons Klint are part of the breathtaking natural wonders in the southern island of Mon in the Baltic Sea.

Glittering against the sun and rising above the crystal blue waters, the cliffs were formed from glacial deposits that came from the shells of microscopic creatures which were living on the seabed millions of years ago. The cliffs measure over 120 meters high above sea level and span over 6 kilometers in length. What makes the Mons Klint particularly attractive is that it is but one part of a complex of natural attraction – there are forests, meadows, hills, ponds and a stretch of beach that surround the cliffs. This picturesque landscape makes the area perfect for all types of outdoor activities.

There are footpaths along the cliffs which make it easy for hikers to walk around the area as well as a network of cycling paths. There is also the Liselund Park at one end, an 18th century park with medieval houses, lawns and ponds perfect for picnics and camping. The Klinteskoven Forest is home to a wide variety of exotic flora and fauna – there is a wide expanse of beech trees growing in the woodlands as well as some types of wild orchids which bloom in the summer.

A recent addition to the attraction is the GeoCenter Mons Klint, a geological museum with displays on the geological origins of Denmark and how the Mons Klint was formed through time.

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