New Channel Exclusive for Football

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Football is the national sports of Denmark. Currently, the Danish Football Association has nearly 297,000 players and 1,614 football clubs under it and the entire association is divided into six groups. Football players from this country have always shown excellent performance on the field.

And now to the good news, diehard fans of this Denmark sport and even the players themselves are in for some great pleasure. This is because by middle of July, a new channel will go live on the Danish airwaves and will feature everything about football.

Digital television company Canal Digital has gained exclusive rights to most FC Copenhagen and Brondy matches. Canal Digital is behind the launching of the high definition television or HDTV in the region with its first channel C More HD going on air in September 2009.

Starting next month, football fans can tune in to Channel 9 to watch their favorite games such as the Danish Super League as well as matches from the English Premier League, the La Liga of Spain and Serie A of Italy. Unfortunately, fans of two capital region clubs will now have to pay for a fee in order to watch the matches of their favorite teams. As Channel 9 has gained all the exclusive rights for football, viewers can no longer watch them on Channel 3 or TV2 Sport, a sports channel in Denmark operating in collaboration with the Swedish Modern Times Group. This group also happens to own Channel 3 which is a general entertainment channel.

As this new channel goes on air on July 17, viewers who love this Denmark sport will have to pay 1,500 each year and that is not all. Customers who decide to subscribe to this channel should do so for at least one year otherwise, they won’t be allowed any subscription. Oh well, high technology indeed comes with a price.

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