Notable Athletes of Denmark

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Denmark has managed to produce some of the more notable athletes in various sports. This is not only true in football which is the most popular sport in the country. Excellent athletes have likewise been produced in such sports like golf, handball, badminton, cycling, boxing, mixed martial arts, cricket, tennis, hockey, and motor sports.

Michael Laudrup is considered the best Danish footballer ever as determined by the Danish Football Association. During his stint as an active football player, he was known to be a very effective midfielder. He was not only technically accomplished in the sport. He is well-loved by football enthusiasts and fans as well.

Thomas Bjorn has been dominating the golf scene in Denmark for quite a while now. He has won fifteen tournaments worldwide. He has played for Denmark as well as for Europe. 

Thorvald Ellegaard has distinguished himself as the country's best cyclist. He was a professional cyclist since 1898. He is known to be the cyclist who came from the provinces but who caught the eye of the international community.

Caroline Wozniaki is considered as the Best Danish Tennis Player in the entire history of the sport in the country. There are still several others who have been recognized in specific sports. Of course, team sports recognize winners by teams but some athletes manage to surpass the challenge as individuals thus earning for them the prestige of being one of the notable athletes of Denmark. With the way sports is encouraged in school, it is not at all surprising that many world-class athletes have been developed.

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