NY Times: Copenhagen is Cool

It’s been confirmed once again that the Danish capital of Copenhagen is indeed one of the coolest places to visit here on Earth. Denmark’s largest city has long earned numerous titles, mostly positive ones whether in travel, scientific research and IT and at the start of this brand new year, this confirmation is surely a welcome news.

No other than the internationally renowned New York Times made this confirmation saying that Copenhagen is in 5th place among 31 travel destinations that people should visit this 2010. Travel journalists writing for the travel section of the New York paper with a circulation of 14 million revealed that many travelers from the United States find Denmark’s capital as green and cool.

Right now in this month of January, it’s literally cool in Copenhagen as it’s still winter time in Europe. But as a tourist destination and even as a place to work, the city continues to attract droves of people from various parts of the world owing to its being cool and trendy.

According to the New York Times, Copenhagen has certainly become one of the greenest capitals of the world. The U.S. newspaper added that the green movement in the city is not just all talk by the Danes because the residents think and act green, an attitude which has greatly helped Denmark to be recognized as a major player in the campaign against global warming. The bicycle lifestyle and the harbor baths are just some examples of how the Danes contribute to preserving the environment.

What also made Denmark more popular among the Americans is its hosting of the recent COP15 international conference in Copenhagen. An official of the VisitDenmark North American believes that the U.N. conference on climate change that enticed even the famous talk show queen Oprah Winfrey to fly to Denmark made a huge impact on the minds of U.S. citizens.

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