Robot Stars in Dance Performance

In Denmark, a popular figure in the field of performing arts is choreographer Steen Koerner. This man is known for reinventing The Nutcracker in 2003 incorporating various dance styles in this classical ballet. No regrets for having done that as it eventually won the Danish theater award for best dance performance.

This time, you have to watch Koerner’s latest creative production.  The theme focuses on the real world today where people have become much like robots following rigid rules and systems. And for this performance, a genuine robot called Ashigaru was imported directly from Japan. News has it that the robot was built especially for this production.

Apart from the mechanical robot, the world’s best human robot will also be performing in this show. Known as M516, Mori Koichiro is a Japanese dancer who has been part of Koerner’s performances in the past. He was instrumental in the development of the real robot which was created by the Japanese firm Mecha Tracks.

An American dancer by the name of Pandora from Los Angeles, California is joining the group as well. She’s considered to be one of the best female electric boogie dancers in the world.

As for the rest of the performers, the Danish choreographer got together some impressive dancers and artists. Some of the artists collaborating on this production are Saul Williams, an American poet, musician and writer, who provided the poetic words and Copenhagen’s famous underground rapper Lucy Love who provided more lyrics to the production. Danish composer Yo-Akim who’s been working with Koerner since 1998 is the one in charge of the music.

Interestingly, master choreographer Steen Koerner is currently giving electric boogie workshops to people who’d like to learn the dance. Children aged 7 to 12 can join on Saturday and those 13 and above can join the Sunday workshop.

Catch this unique robot performance from Monday to Saturday at Copenhagen’s Dansehallerne. This will run only until February 6 so don’t miss it.

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