Oldest Dane Marks Another Year

Not all people get to reach their centennial age. But for those who are able to reach the age of 100, it certainly is a great achievement.

Denmark takes pride in its female citizen who has lived quite long surpassing the age of 100 more than any other person in the world. Thyra Kongso who resides near Roskilde recently celebrated her 109th birthday. And that’s not all because unaware to many of you, this woman is currently considered the world’s oldest living individual.

Right now, Kongso is in good condition for her age although she has a little problem when it comes to her hearing. According to her son, the centenarian was a lover of fish as a child. He also attributed his mother’s good health and long life to the quality care provided by her nursing home.

Mrs. Kongso was born on January 9, 1901. It was at that time when Theodor Roosevelt was the president of the United States and Prince Bernhard von Bulow was holding the post of Chancellor of the German Empire. Additionally, Queen Victoria at that period was in the last part of her 63-year reign in the United Kingdom.

With improvements in lifestyle and healthcare in the developed countries, more people live longer than expected. This is proof that the lifespan of the oldest people are continuously increasing. Thanks as well to advancements in record keeping technology and the age of more very old people in the world can be monitored, recorded and verified.

In this age, it’s mostly females who live up to 100 years or more. A healthy and happy lifestyle is often credited for their longevity. For this reason, this population group has been given the title as supercentenarian for having surpassed the age of 100.

If you’d like to reach this age, then it’s time to make a lifestyle change.

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