Odense Celebrates Music Harvest

Music is alive in Denmark and it never ceases to attract people from around the world. After the World Music Expo or WOMEX, now comes the Music Harvest or Music Host in Danish. This time, the event is taking place in Odense.

Now on its 25th year, Music Harvest 2009 will be held from November 3-7. Venues are The Carl Nielsen Academy of Music’s (CNAM) concert hall, the Odense Concert House and Posten, all in the city of Odense.

But unlike WOMEX that featured the different music genres of the world, Odense’s Music Harvest focuses on new music including Nordic and electronica music. First held in 1985, this festival has been presenting contemporary music from other parts of the world including the United States, Great Britain, Russia, Germany, Hungary, Finland, Poland and Lithuania. Other than the performers, also given attention in this music event are the Danish and international composers, both the young and the veterans.

As any music festival, local residents and foreign tourists can expect to see a variety of concerts. To open the Music Harvest 2009, there will be a concert titled “A Karlheinz Stockhausen in Memoriam” featuring the composition Mantra as performed by two young pianists – one from New Zealand and one from The Netherlands.

Odense is situated in the island of Funen. Founded in 988, it is Denmark’s third largest city with a population of nearly 160,000 as of 2009.

Although Aarhus is more known as the City of Music, Odense is not far behind. Music is a big part of Odense and in fact, the city hosts four music festivals each year. These are the Music Harvest, the Odense Folk Festival, International Blues Festival and Winter Jazz.

Odense also boasts of its symphony orchestra which provides weekly concerts and competitions while and its Funen Opera. In addition, it has an international music theater which accommodates both musical and theatrical performances.

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