Popular Zoos in Denmark

Denmark has a good number of zoos, animal parks and areas dedicated to protecting wildlife. They are ideal destinations for families and animal lovers. Here are some of the more popular ones: Aalborg Zoo. One of the biggest and most visited zoos in the country, Aalborg Zoo is an eight-hectare zoological garden located in Aalborg in North Jutland.
Opened in 1935, the zoo has a petting area for children and features endangered species like the polar bear. There is also a large area for an African savannah with wildlife such as white rhinos, pygmy hippos and giraffes. Copenhagen Zoological Garden.
This 11-hectare park in Frederiksberg is the oldest in Denmark, opened in the 19th century. It is also one of the most popular attractions with an average of around one million visitors every year. The zoo has a collection of over 3000 animals from about 264 different species.
Some of the more exotic species that can be found include the red panda, the capybara, the ring-tailed lemur, the okapi and the Tazmanian devil. Ebeltoft Zoo and Safari. Get to see wildlife and endangered animals from five different continents in this large safari park in Djursland.
The zoo is home to over 800 animals of 100 different species – from the Cheetah, the American Black Bears, European Bison and Lemurs among others. Givskud Zoo. “The Lion Park” is located in Central Jutland, a safari where guests can take their own cars and drive inside the zoo to see the animals at a closer distance. Although it started with only an exhibit of lions, the zoo has added on other animals such as elephants, white rhinos, gorillas and chimpanzees.
Today, it is home to over 1,000 animals from about 80 different species. Knuthenborg Safari Park. This 500-hectare safari park is the biggest in Northern Europe. Aside from housing over 1,200 animals, it also features a botanical garden, and a a family resort. There are also large enclosures where visitors can drive around in their cars or take the safari bus.

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