Rub & Stub: Turning Market Surplus to Resto Fare

Restaurants all over the world are known for wasting food, throwing away ingredients and leftovers without a pause. A concept restaurant in central Copenhagen called Rub & Stub is turning things around though, using produce and other ingredients that supermarkets would otherwise have thrown away to whip up restaurant-grade fare.

Rub & Stub got a lot of media attention earlier this month when they first launched with people wrongly questioning the hygiene and safety of their approach, assuming that they served leftovers and expired food. Though Rub & Stub does use ingredients donated by supermarkets in an effort to help decrease food wastage, they only accept foodstuff that are still fresh enough to be served. They also do not accept leftover food from other restaurants nor any kind of food that has already been prepared before hand. Everything they get is clean, fresh, and safe for consumption. It is true though that many of the ingredients they receive are near the expiration and best before dates, which is why they immediately use such ingredients, making for a highly unpredictable and varied daily menu.

Rub & Stub is proud not only of their kitchen standards and the fare they put out to guests, but is actually a restaurant with a cause. In fact, all profits they get go to different causes supported by the Society retros in Sierra Leone.

Rub & Stub is open for business from Tuesdays to Thursdays (17-23) and Fridays (16-24). Aside from the food, they also serve beer for a very good price on Fridays.

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