Sagnlandet Lejre

There is a magical place in the far off island of Zealand in the east of Denmark where time seems to have stood still. This is Sagnlandet Lejre, the Land of Legends (also known as the Centre for Historical-Archaeological Research and Communication), a vast expanse of open space that serves as an archaeological museum and scientific laboratory just west of Roskilde in Denmark. The open-air attraction was built in Lejre which used to be the main town of the Lejre Kingdom during the Iron Age, a place that inspired legends written in the 12th century “Chronicon Lethrense” (The Chronicle of the Kings of Lejre). The site was a veritable archaeological find, with excavations yielding the remains of large halls from over 10,000 years ago, and a silver sculpture of the god Odin.
At Sagnlandet Lejre visitors can step back in time as they will find re-created settlements from ancient periods – there is an Iron Age Village, a Stone Age camp, a Viking market and many more. The simulated environments are replete with accurate details – from the thatched houses, the period garments, the animals raised by the villagers to the tools used for working and everyday living. The people who play the part of the families that live in the village are actual volunteers who come and spend time in the area and in the process learn to understand and appreciate how people from the past have lived without the technological advances that we enjoy today. Archaeologists from all over the world also come at certain times during the year to conduct their experiments in the area and visitors can even see them at work.
The attraction has been recognized by the Danish Tourist Association as a 4-star “sterling attraction of national level.”

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