The 12th CPH:DOX Denmark

This November, film buffs can be seen queuing in cinemas all over Copenhagen again for the Copenhagen Film Festival, the largest and most awaited documentary film festival in all of Northern Europe. Started in 2003, this eleven-day festival features over 180 documentary films from around the world made by acclaimed directors and by aspiring talents. Much like other film festivals around the world, the CPH:DOX is a cultural initiative that aims to promote innovation and creativity in the genres of nonfiction, art cinema and experimental film.

The event has gained interest from audiences all over the world, averaging about 45,000 spectators every year. Aside from the film presentations, the event is also a venue for those who are involved in film-making to come together and exchange ideas through lively forums and discussions, workshops, seminars and parties. The events themselves are highly unique and are created to celebrate some of the films that are shown during the festival – swan-shaped motorbikes grace one affair, a simultaneous showing in 56 cinemas all across Copenhagen for one critically-acclaimed film and a special competition for Youtube videos await participants this year.

There are even music concerts all throughout the event, and these are not your usual music acts but rather live performances of artists with filmic elements. The festival ends with an awards night where the best of the best are recognized in eight categories including the best Danish documentary film; the best experimental film among others. CPH:DOX has also partnered with Amnesty International which sponsors an award, the AMNESTY Award for the best film that highlights human rights. And for those who cannot make it to the cinemas, the online cinema Doc Alliance

Films offers free viewing of five films on their websites: and

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