Santa Claus Moves to Copenhagen

Many kids around the world look forward to celebrating Christmas each year. The thought of Santa Claus and his presents alone is enough to give excitement to young children. This is true in Denmark as many children there usually write a letter to Santa in the hope of getting their wishes granted.

As Christmas time is just around the corner in Denmark, Santa Claus is also busy preparing for this festive season especially when it comes to replying to the children’s letters. Denmark’s national postal service Post Danmark promises kids that they will get a reply this year from Santa Claus. Letters should be sent to Santa’s Post Office on Rensdyrvej in Copenhagen’s Vesterbro district.

Earlier, the postal service transferred all letters to Santa to its main postal center in Greenland. However, the office has assured that it will handle the letters to Mr. Claus this year to prevent children from getting disappointed.

It’s been a long standing tradition for children in Denmark to write letters to Santa Claus when the Christmas season nears. Their letters normally contain their wish list such as presents for themselves and their families as well. Make sure then that if you have kids, you let them write to Santa and address it to Santa’s Copenhagen Office at Rensdyrvej 1, PO Box 2412, 1566 Copenhagen V.

Santa Claus is also known by other names such as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas and Kris Kringle. As many children know, he is that bearded man who brings gifts to the homes of well behaved children during the late evening of Christmas Eve.

Danish legend has it that way back in the 1840s, an elf called Tomte or Nisse in Nordic folklore delivered the Christmas presents in Denmark. This Tomte was depicted as a short, bearded man wearing gray clothes and a red hat. This story later spread to other parts of Scandinavia including Norway and Sweden.

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