Take equal parts of natural beauty, historic charm, progressive academic environment enough modern comforts and you’ll find them all in Sonderborg. Located in South Jutland bordering the coastline of Germany to the west and south, it is the largest city in the region. Sonderborg enjoys the unique advantage of being situated in the Als island with its scenic coast. This gives the town a “holiday destination” character but because of the presence of academic and business institutions it maintains a lively urban cultural life. It is connected to the mainland by two land bridges and is also serviced by a small airport north of the city. One of Denmark’s largest industrial company, the Danfoss Corporation is situated near Sonderborg, along with some 300 other manufacturing companies. There are also a number of restaurants, coffee shops and bars in the city that keep both the locals and the visitors entertained.
Sonderborg has some interesting attractions for visitors such as the historic Sonderborg Castle which is now being used as the town museum, the Romanesque-style Broager Kirke, the glass factory and shop Dansk Glaskunst and the Danfoss Universe, an interactive museum on technology and nature which is fun for families. The castle is also the stage for the annual “Tilting-at-the-ring” event which takes place during the summer. Nature lovers will enjoy a walk along the Gendarm Path which is a 74-kilometer stretch toward the German border, and the beautiful beech forest of Norreskoven. The waters definitely provide plenty of opportunities for fishing, swimming, kayaking among others.

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