Spoken Word Festival 2012

The Spoken Word Festival is a festival of culture and spoken word art that is ideal for all ages and will create wonder and change for those who participate and take in this exciting festival.  The goal of the festival is to maintain the oral tradition in the modern digital world. 

The festival dates for the third annual Spoken Word Festival are November 3-10, 2012 and preparations are in full swing.  Previous years have seen the festival featuring a poetry course, workshops, theater sports, an open mike, a songwriters night, and much entertainment. 

The festival is wrapped up with a gala event that includes the winner of the Spoken Word Award 2012.  The festival features youth in a number of ways and professionals in the world of the spoken word, such as poetry, song, and story writing, will be present to help celebrate this wonderful form of art.  Sponsors are still needed to make this year’s festival a success. 

Please visit http://www.spokenwordfestival.dk/ for more details.

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