Statens Museum for Kunst

Art gives color to our lives and for those who appreciate different forms of art, Statens Museum for Kunst is a great place to visit.

What they do is that they present Danish art to the world and the world’s art to Danish people.  It is all about introducing the people to different masterpieces created by amazing artists.

The museum has a collection of more than 700 years of art.  They are indeed a marvel to behold and will surely leave an indelible mark in your memory.

Statens Museum for Kunst is Demark’s largest collection of art experiences.  They have 10 members of staff who take charge of the operations.

They want to contribute to redefine the museum as an institution and to help promote a creative and reflective society.

The conservators monitor and conserve the artworks, restoring damage and preventing new damage.  The department carries our research on the genesis of artworks, on the artists choice of materials, and on how such materials change over time.

The museum exhibits art collections amassed by Danish monarchs.

The history of this museum begins with the diary of the German painter Albrecht Dürer.  In one of his entries, he stated that the King Christopher II of Denmark had received the best copy of all of his prints.  With this gift, the cornerstone of the National Gallery of Denmark was laid down.

To this day, Dürer’s works can be seen in the museum’s collection of art.  His masterpiece sparked an interest in art in the Danish court.  The subsequent members of Royalty kept the interest alive even if their taste varied in a one way or another.  

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