Staying Out of Trouble in Denmark: Understanding the Local Laws

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It is very difficult to bail yourself out when caught breaking the laws in a foreign country. Guns, drugs, drinking and driving, and prostitution are some of the things that many countries take seriously.

Denmark has strict laws that enable people to live in harmony at all times. Whether you are a local or a foreigner, these laws affect you. Breaking the law is a serious offense in Denmark.

So, to stay out of trouble, it is worth knowing the common local laws. Fortunately, we have got you covered.

Importing and Exporting Goods

Denmark highly regulates what comes in and goes out of its territories. So, if you are planning to do international business here, you might need a lot of information from a legal professional with international business experience.

First, the country protects its minerals. Importing or exporting gold, gemstones, and all other minerals without a license will lead to tough legal action; you are likely to face a long jail sentence. But the best practice is to work with the authorities and follow the regulations that are set.

Importation and exportation of foodstuff are also highly controlled. For instance, you might go to jail for exporting whale meat to other EU countries without the required licenses.


If you are above 18 years old, you can buy alcoholic drinks that have an alcohol content above 16.5% in stores. Those who are 16 years and above can also buy beer from stores. Well, there is no age limit for drinking alcohol. But before you get too excited, there is a catch; drinking and driving is a legal offense in Denmark. Do not dare!

The blood alcohol limit is just 0.05%, so you just need to be sober. Otherwise, you might end up paying a hefty fine or spending some time in a Danish prison. If you plan to drink alcohol at a party away from home or your hotel, make transport arrangements early enough.

Buying and Using Guns

It is rare to find regular citizens carrying guns in Denmark. If you want to own a gun and carry one around, you must be a police officer or have a special license. Before the latter is given to Danish citizens, they undergo tests to ascertain that they are fit to have a gun.

It is illegal to own, carry, or use a gun without a license. If you are caught, this is a crime that can lead you to jail. So, stay out of trouble by avoiding guns at all costs. After all, most of the citizens and tourists in Denmark do not carry guns around.

Buying and Selling Drugs

It is illegal to buy and sell drugs in Denmark. Some hard stuff like cocaine will lead you into a lot of trouble. On the other hand, soft drugs such as marijuana will only draw a small fine especially if they are for personal use. Hence, people should understand the legal weight of each of the common drugs. Generally, you will be fined about $80 for carrying drugs intended for personal use.

The Sports Confederation of Denmark and Team Denmark (TD) have been on the frontline in combating doping through the law. This covers the use of various anabolic steroids, testosterone, and other steroids. Although all the steroids sold by reputable distributors such as Valkyrie Online are legal, Denmark might have stringent regulations under their anti-doping policies.


As a tourist, you might need to take as many photos and videos as possible for your memories.  Generally, it is legal to take photos and use recording devices in many private and public places in the country.

But for security, many government buildings and homes do not allow photography. They have to put clear signage to warn people that the action is not allowed. Also, some estates and residential areas do not allow photography for both security and privacy reasons. In such areas, you might be sued for breaking these simple laws or even get in other forms of trouble with locals or police.


Denmark was among the first countries to legalize pornography in the 60s. It is among the short list of countries that have allowed this in the world. Actually, Denmark has a dedicated TV channel for pornography, and related materials are publicly displayed without a problem.

But this does not mean that there are no laws around this action. You cannot create pornography recordings openly in public places without getting into trouble with the authorities. If you are a tourist, you might not be allowed to bring magazines home or to other countries.


If you like sun-kissing, Denmark favors you as nudity is allowed on most beaches. Take note, beaches! However, this is not the case at every beach since areas such as Holmsland Klit do not allow going totally nude. There is also no law prohibiting nudity in major parks, and you can sunbathe as you wish.

However, you should watch for signage prohibiting it in specific places. If you are not sure, it is better to ask before you strip off your clothes. Otherwise, you might get embarrassed for nothing.


Practicing prostitution is not a criminal offense since 1999. Many locals do this freely but under certain regulations. But foreigners who are planning to engage in this or operate a brothel in Denmark should think twice. This can land you in prison or draw a hefty punishment against you if you are caught. In black and white, it is illegal for non-residents to practice any form of prostitution in Denmark.


Littering is illegal in Denmark under nature protection laws. If you are used to dropping litter all over, then think twice. You will be fined or even be imprisoned for throwing a wrapper or water bottle out of your car window or just dropping them on the street.

The good thing is that this is illegal in many countries, and it is also a human responsibility to keep the environment clean. So, you will not have a hard time coping with this law.

Final Word

Denmark, just like many EU countries and the rest of the world, has many local laws that will help you stay out of trouble. Now that you know them, your stay in the country will be very smooth. Take note of all of them, and you will enjoy your trip to Denmark.

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