Things to do in Greenland

Officially Greenland is an autonomous island but it is still recognized as part of the Kingdom of Denmark, and a proud one at that. It is considered the world’s largest island and with the lowest population density its beauty is largely untouched and unspoiled. The home of Santa Claus, the land of gigantic ice caps and ice bergs and where the northern lights are as common as seeing stars in the sky, Greenland is a place that should be in your bucket list whether you seek adventure or a romantic getaway. Here are some of the recommended activities to put in your list:

Hiking. Explore wide open spaces, trek through the mountains or visit the many farms that dot the whole region – no matter where you start your hiking adventure in Greenland you will be amazed with the breathtaking scenery and the serene natural beauty of your surroundings. You can plan your own hiking trip or book a hiking and backpacking tour. Some special guided tours can take you on the trail of the Vikings or through Inuit settlements where you can learn more about their culture. If you also want to catch the Northern Lights spectacle plan your trip in the autumn or winter.

Whale watching, sailing, kayaking. The waters around Greenland provide limitless opportunities for entertainment. You can join a whale safari and head to the islands of Nuuk and Aasiaat to see these gentle sea creatures in their natural habitat. Another fun way to explore Greenland is to take a midnight sail and see the icebergs up close.

And for a truly authentic Greenland experience, take a trip along the coasts and fjords in a kayak.

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